What Impact Does Apple Search Engine Make on Google and SEO?

What Impact Does Apple Search Engine Make on Google and SEO?

The rumors are coming that Apple is preparing a search engine that has more facilities than Google search engine. And it's not confirmed yet. The report says that Apple wants to wait till January 2023. One of the bloggers Robert Scoble has declared that Apple expects to announce its search engine at WWDC 2023. That is the worldwide developer conference 2023. He quoted in its Twitter account about the new search engine by Apple. We don't know how Apple impacts SEO and Google.
But we can assume that Apple is secretly planning something. Because we can see that Apple has been slowly growing through the Years. In 2014 we saw the science of Apple, that is, Apple bots. In 2015 Apple bots listed their own search engine search ranking factors and Apple bots used data and details. At that time rumors emerged like Apple working on its own search engine to take on Google. But that Apple boat was designed for queries that made to the spotlight search engines and let Siri use them. Then John joined Apple from Google as a senior vice president of machine language learning and AI. If there is a chance to launch new Apple's search engine,then some different strategy can be expected for SEO.

Now the rumors said that safari reached a wide audience and it would help to start a new search engine for their users and that would be a great threat to Google. Google gets the majority of its revenue from advertisements. Last year Google paid Apple $15 billion to be the default search engine on apple safari. From that we can understand Google has to control apple search results.

SEO is related to the visibility in the search page results. If Apple launches a new search engine then it will have its own methods to rank in the results. Then the SEO agencies make more effort to make their clients into their results.

And presently we don't do much about this upcoming apple search engine and there is no confirmation from Apple's officials. But there is a small competition in the search engine business. Now google is the most leading one in search engines so the value of search engines is difficult to determine. At this time Google is recognized as the most popular search engine in the world. So it's difficult for Apple to earn those names. Apple has a search system called spotlight. There are many differences between spotlight and Google. In this article we compare how Google and SEO are affected by Apple's new search engine.

Organic results

Google used automated web crawlers to search on the Internet for new web pages or updated web pages and the websites. URLs are categorized depending on the contents on it and they are indexed. They are using algorithms to match with the query that users search. Google SEO ranking is based on customizing users, geographical location, and its browsing history etc. Google also displays an acknowledged graph on the SERP.
Spotlight is a search mechanism that lists the files and metadata in iPhone or Mac. Depending on your selection there are bots like Google crawlers in the spotlight that will access the information about the file and guarantee that you only see the most current and relevant results. The spotlight is built for local cloud based and web research. Spotlights are even more tailored than Google, but they can also get cluttered.


Google quotes most revenue from its Advertisements. Advertisements shown on Google SERP space and also we can see some advertisements in some web pages.
But in the case of spotlight is a lack of advertisement. But that organic results are not separated in the spotlight SERP ranking. SEO working on the spotlight, we used the data stored in our devices that influence the results. In other words, app developers don't have to pay more to appear at the top of the results. So Apple needs to improve its relevance.

User Interfaces

Google has a strong idea of how search engines should work and function. Its basic user interfaces remain the same for years and some changes in algorithms have occurred and now in recent years Google introduced some experiments with nested feature snippets, indented URLs and short portion, video portions. Safari is one of the popular mobile browsers on smaller screens and in that screen safari has a more flexible user interface than Chrome.


Google is mainly focused for target advertising, then someone entered in the Google search engine, then that person also can see that advertisement related to that query in Instagram and other social media. That's why Google uses IP addresses and social graph providing advertisements to their clients. And Google offers an Incognito mode for ensuring privacy, but the Google collects user data.
But Apple has always been a strong supporter of customer privacy and it has an improved intelligent tracking protection. So spotlight provides a more secure method for accessing online and local information spotlight never used user data on your devices spotlight ensures just privacy.


If a new search engine is introduced, it should include the algorithms as well as new updates. Digital marketing professionals have more opportunities for advancement in their careers. Additionally, businesses will have more opportunities to apply their own business strategies to this new search engine.
Apple's new search engine is a mystery. We'll have to wait and see what Apple does with their new search engine. It is currently impossible to predict how the new search engine will affect SEO. However, doing SEO is now extremely beneficial for the future. If you need assistance with SEO for your business, contact a reputable SEO agency.

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