Some Effective Ad Extensions You Need to Try

Some Effective Ad Extensions You Need to Try

Google ads are a better way to improve the performance of your business. These quality clicks bring you more potential customers. However, you must conduct the best test possible, which may take several hours, but you can use Google ads extension instead. The Google ads type changes every year, and this Google ads extension will extend the ads. And you can place your advertisement in search engine result pages, which will make it much easier for your customers to find you. Google ads extension benefits businesses more. Customers will notice and understand what you are primarily focusing on if you use larger advertisement text. This lengthy text will have a greater impact on the Internet.

Benefits of Google Ad extension

  • Excellent lead quality

    Customers can easily understand what you primarily focus on in your business when you provide more information through the Google extension. And only relevant clicks will be generated. People will then be directed to your landing page.

  • More advertising space

    Google ads have a limited amount of space, but with the Google Ad extension, you can get more space for adding content and information to the advertisement. You can talk to many customers about your services in the most concentrated field.

  • Using the PPC budget

    Google ad extensions increase CTR, which helps you lower your cost per click and get more out of your paid ads.

  • Advertisement ranking

    There are standard advertisements that can be seen in Google ads. However, when you use extensions, your advertisement position is determined. The extension will provide a variety of formats, and Google will automatically improve your ranking. Extension will help to improve SEO.

Ad Extensions, You Need to Try

Location extensions

This is a simple extension because half of all Google searches are for local information. Location extensions are a good option if you need to include your physical address, phone number, or location in your advice. Your customers can easily find your location or the distance between you and them. This extension includes a call button for mobile users; it is more useful for people who are focused on more physical businesses such as restaurants, service providers, beauty salons, and so on. People have a tendency to buy products and services from the nearest location, so when they see a nearby location on the search, they will also visit the shop or website.

Product extensions

It is connected to a Google merchant account. This product extension will make your product listing more visually appealing. If you sell a wide range of products, you can include these images in your advertisements so that people can learn more about your products. Customers may be more influenced by the products and prices.


Site hyperlinks Google Ad extension is an excellent way to represent your company in advertisements. You can use your business links or website links from well-formatted websites. This will entice your customers to choose where they want to go or where you will provide more products. Customers will find it easier to choose what they want as a result of this. People will then choose the best link for them, and you will get a lot of conversions as a result. However, because this extension allows you to use four links at once, you must choose the links that primarily include your concentrating products or services, and you can make changes based on customer demand.

Call extensions

It is a straightforward extension that inserts your phone number into your business advertisement. If you want to receive direct calls from your customers, include your phone number in the advertisement so that Google ads provides a Google Ad extension for calling. By including a phone number on the button, you can assure your customers that you are only a phone call away. This will increase the authenticity of your company and give people more confidence to approach you. This can be combined with a location extension to generate more leads. The call extensions are primarily for mobile phones because mobile users can connect you through the call directly from the search page by clicking on that button.

Seller rating extensions

Seller rating extensions significantly improve your company's reputation. This extension displays your company's reviews or ratings on a five-star scale. Use some qualifier to describe the rating as well. This extension is typically used when your products are rated 3.5 stars or higher, or when your company receives unique positive feedback. Then you can show these reviews to your customers and encourage them to buy more products from you, which will increase trust in your company.

Price extensions

Price extensions organise the price of your products or services. Many people look for products on a budget, so they have a price for everything they want when you use this price extension for your business. Your customer learns more about the cost of your products, and if they are convinced, they can easily access your website via this extension. This is appropriate for businesses such as service packages or product sales, among others.

App extensions

This is a good way to promote your company while also providing a user-friendly environment for your customers. If your company has an app, you can incorporate it into your searches. App extension is a good way to showcase your application so that interested potential customers can easily track your products and services, but it only appears on mobile devices.

Video extensions

Customers will find video extensions to be engaging advertisements. It primarily affects YouTube mobile applications for displaying your advertisements. The YouTube video is embedded below. This will provide your customers with numerous opportunities to participate in your business. People remain interested in your company, and if they like it, they will contact you.

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