How to Remove Fake/Negative Articles From Google?

How to Remove Fake/Negative Articles From Google?

Many fake news and negative information appear at the top of Google's search engine result page. The majority of them are outdated information or news that is no longer valid or relevant. Do you ever consider how the reputation of this news in Google affects the people who are involved in that fake news?

This is a serious issue, and there is currently an incident involving Nambi Narayanan in search engines such as Google. He worked as an aerospace engineer in India. He was arrested in 1994 in a bogus espionage case. After many years, the court determined that he was innocent. R Madhavan, an Indian film actor, has made a film about Nambi Narayan's life, the film is Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. He met Nambi Narayan and they talked about the experiences in life. Then Nambi Narayan says that even the court found me innocent, but a Google search for Nambi Narayan reveals information about the fake espionage and its details.That means he and his family are still carrying this fabricated spy case around in their heads. Padmabhushan, India's third civilian award, was bestowed upon him. However, if we search Nambi Narayanan on Google, we can read the fake spy news and its details. Why is this all happening?

Search engines use their own algorithms to rank news and information on their results pages. Do you know that many news articles always appear at the top of search engine results pages? This news article ranks well in search engines because most news article websites have a high domain authority and a large number of backlinks. Websites with domain authority greater than 80 have a large influence and appear at the top of search results pages. So when news comes from a high domain website, the search engine will undoubtedly display it at the top because that is how search engines work.

Can we change the outcomes from that point? Yes, we can set some criteria for removing fake or negative news from the top of the search results page. Here are some methods for removing negative or false news or information from Google. Here are some techniques for getting good articles and information to the top of search engine results pages.

How to remove articles from the Web?

In this section, we will go over the steps that must be taken in order to remove the articles from search engines. The removal of the article is a time-consuming process. However, it is possible to remove.

      1. Request the Journal to remove the article

    The first step is to remove fake or irrelevant internet content. You should request that the article be removed from the corresponding website. You could explain why you need to delete the content from that journal

      2. Request an article update

    If the subject of the article changes or if a new incident occurs, you can request an article update from the corresponding journal.

      3. Fill Out Google’s DMCA Form

  • Google’s DMCA Form
  • Google provides a form for removing unnecessary content from Google. Fill out the DMCA form and send it to Google officials. They will then take care of it.

  • Right to be Forgotten
  • The European Union granted this right in May of 2014. If the website content/result is "incorrect, insufficient, meaningless, or unnecessary," you can choose to be forgotten.To ask Google to remove the content. Google evaluates your request based on a variety of factors, including your public fame, the age of the content, the truthfulness of the content, and other factors.

      4. Create Positive News Stories

    Create some more positive stories about the information that needs to be changed. You can put new information at the top of search results by using SEO, digital PR, and reputation management.

      5. Wait for negative content to fall off and positive content to appear on Google's first page.

    Positive content must go viral and be shared more frequently, otherwise, it takes time.

      6. Suppress the negative search results

    If the website or journal is unwilling to remove the content, the next option is to suppress the negative content. That is, move the content to the end of the search. Promote the good news to the top of the search results.

How can we achieve more visibility on the internet?

You can increase the visibility of your content in a variety of ways. You can increase your visibility by working with a full-service digital marketing agency. There are some techniques that can help the contents appear at the top of internet searches. These include search engine optimization, digital public relations, and reputation.


A person's or an organization's reputation is a technique for maintaining a positive reputation. When you have a good reputation, you will naturally rise to the top of the search results. Because that query was frequently searched in the search engine, your website is more likely to appear at the top of the search engine result page.

Digital PR

Digital public relations is a method of maintaining relationships with the public via digital means. There are numerous digital platforms available today that are still engaging with the audience or the general public. When new information or news about a new thing becomes available, it will influence how you present it to the public. With a good strategy and planning, you can make a positive impact on the public heart, which will undoubtedly increase your visibility in search page results.

Search engine optimization

Most businesses use search engine optimization to make their website visible in search engine result pages. This is a digital marketing technique that consists of on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. Optimizing the contents of websites will help them rank on the first pages of search results.


During a press conference, R. Madhavan was questioned about the motivation behind making the film to invalidate the Nambi Narayan fake espionage news from Google. Can you speak with Sundar Piche to have the inaccurate Google information corrected? This inquiry is crucial because nobody, not even the CEO of Google, can stop the spread of false information. since Google's algorithm determines how visible particular contents are on the search engine.
It is critical that a person or company have a good reputation in order to have a successful future. Then, if internet searches are required, remove the negative and fake news that are present. It is difficult to maintain a positive reputation. It is the best way to give an agency the risk of maintaining a reputation. Digital Triumphs is a digital marketing agency that offers individuals and businesses reputation management, digital PR, SEO, and other digital services. Not only is removing bad content from the internet important, but so is spreading good news.

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