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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is online marketing for remodelers?

    In a nutshell, online marketing is also known as digital marketing that includes all the marketing and engagement activities your remodeling company does through online media channels. The goal of digital marketing for remodelers is to help homeowners who search for your service to find and choose your company over your competitors.

  • Why should remodelers invest in digital marketing?

    When homeowners need remodeling services, their search begins online and this increases the scope for remodeling services. They plan their remodels on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, and they ask for recommendations on sites like Facebook. They can watch online videos, read reviews, and choose their remodeling company based on the company’s online presence.

  • Which online marketing service is best for remodeling contractors?

    Each digital marketing tool is unique and we use them according to the business requirement and goals. Most of our remodeling clients benefit from web design, social media, SEO, and PPC, but which services are best will depend on your service area, remodeling services, budget, etc.

  • How much do digital marketing services cost?

    Depending on the package you choose, remodeling marketing services can run anywhere from lower costs to higher costs. We can’t give an exact calculation without knowing your service or requirement and hence digital marketing cost depends upon the service you choose to build your business.

  • What is your reporting and communication process?

    As a leading digital marketing company across Dubai, we generate monthly reports for remodeling clients with qualifying packages and we have a reputation for responsiveness and attention to detail. Your service provider or your account manager will establish reporting and communication expectations during your intake call.